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A Comfortable Life


Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying spending time with your friends and family on this beautiful day. Sam and I are getting ready to go visit his family before he has to work. That’s the life of a bartender…always working.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister, Megan. We came across a…..get ready for it…healthy chocolate chip cookie thanks to Shape Magazine.


After we finished making our very healthy chocolate chip cookies…only 108 calories, 5 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber for 2 cookies, we ran a couple of errands and then I treated us to Asian food. Meg has been helping with a project so it’s the least I could do. After we finished eating we were brought our fortune cookies. This is what mine said. Not the best picture in the world but I was rather pleased with my fortune!

Well y’all its time to spend a little OT with the family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday!