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A Comfortable Life


Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying spending time with your friends and family on this beautiful day. Sam and I are getting ready to go visit his family before he has to work. That’s the life of a bartender…always working.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister, Megan. We came across a…..get ready for it…healthy chocolate chip cookie thanks to Shape Magazine.


After we finished making our very healthy chocolate chip cookies…only 108 calories, 5 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber for 2 cookies, we ran a couple of errands and then I treated us to Asian food. Meg has been helping with a project so it’s the least I could do. After we finished eating we were brought our fortune cookies. This is what mine said. Not the best picture in the world but I was rather pleased with my fortune!

Well y’all its time to spend a little OT with the family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Gym on a Saturday?! You bet!


I can’t believe it but I actually went to the gym on a Saturday! I had scheduled a workout with my wonderful trainer, Gina, so I was definitely being held accountable! Before I tell you all a little about my awesome workout I’d like to tell you a little bit about the gym I belong to. Two years ago I joined ACT by Deese a local gym owned by Prince and Gina Deese. I started going and immediately fell in love with not only the gym but the staff as well. ACT by Deese is a place where people of all ages, races, shapes and sizes feel comfortable. I have had several gym memberships in the past and I always felt uncomfortable, I am not saying there is anything wrong with the┬álarger gyms┬ábut they just aren’t for me.

Attitude, Compisition, Training

Yesterday I started with a quick warm up on the ARC trainer then Gina had me focus on abs. On Thursday I did a complete body workout which just about killed me! One of my favorite ab moves had to be The Superman!

I really need to start logging the different types of exercises I do so I can share them with you all. I can remember how to perform the move but I can never remember what they are called. I will work on that this week!

This has to be my LEAST favorite ab move!I am paying for it today…my abs are super sore, but in a good way!:I can’t believe that it is already dinner time on Sunday! Why do the weekends have to go by so quickly?