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Lesson Learned ….


Happy Monday Y’all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! Greensboro was very busy this weekend due to the NCAA Basketball Tourney being in town; which meant I didn’t get to see Sam very much. We were able to have lunch together on Saturday before he had to start his shift (for those of you who don’t know, he’s a bartender) and enjoyed a beer or two to celebrate the wonderful Irish holiday!

Let’s rewind to Friday evening for a minute. I had a work event that I attended and for attending this event you got a FREE pizza. I thought that would be perfect for dinner. I took the pizza to my mom and sister’s house and after our first bite my sister and I both agreed that it was terrible! We immediately tossed it in the trash, got in the car and went to pick up salad’s. We also had to share a smoothie to get that nasty taste out! We definitely learned out lesson and will continue to eat clean, even when we are offered free pizza!


This morning for breakfast I mixed Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with Love Grown Foods Granola , strawberries and skim milk….it was delish!


Lunch today consisted a greek salad with grilled chicken…it was also delish!

So Tasty

Lets hope dinner is just a good as the rest of my meals today!

I am also really excited that my trainer is back from LA! I’m ready for a for a good sweat session 🙂