Down A Pound!


Like most people I am not a huge fan of the scale but I decided to break down and get my butt on the scale and to my surprise I have lost a pound in a week…WOOT WOOT!!! It is the little things in life that really count. Sam and I have been working out together since the beginning on January and while I am down 8lbs he has lost 22lb! WOW! I always knew that men lost weight quicker (and easier) than women but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Yesterday I had the most amazing salad. It had fresh pineapples, oranges, cucumbers, red peppers among all the other “normal” salad fixings. It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth….yum!!!


Then I made this awesome egg scramble for dinner, it consisted of 3 eggs, red onion, asparagus and brocoli with a hint of 1/3 less fat cream cheese. It was awesome and super filling!

Loosing 8lbs so far is awesome but I am also feeling so much better about the way my body looks and how I feel in clothes. It is truly amazing what exercise and healthy food can do for your body. I’ve also noticed that my skin looks healthier, I think that has something to do with all the water I’ve been drinking!

I am working out with my trainer tomorrow so I will definitely be sure to write down my exercises so I can share them with you.

Time to do the dishes and get ready for bed! I’m so glad tomorrow is Hump Day!!

Good Night Everyone 🙂


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