My Net Diary…a great tool for weight loss!


Hey Y’all! šŸ˜‰

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything or not tonight but I decided to write a quick post. My sinuses have been bothering me a lot for the past couple of days and I am just not feeling like myself. If I don’t feel better within the next couple of days I guess I will have to make a trip to the good ole docs office. I don’t mind going to see my doctor but like most people it is not something I enjoy! A co-worker told me that I should try nose spray to help clear me up, it’s worth a shot!

As most of you of you know I am trying to get healthy and loseĀ some lb’s which is not an easy task! Lately there have been a ton of sweets at my office and it is hard to resist, especially when everyone else is enjoying a sweet treat. Today I decided that I was going to give up sweets for Lent. I think by doing so it will help me greatly in my weight loss journey.

I started usingĀ My Net Diary two years ago and it is an amazing tool for weight loss! It is an online food journal and an exercise log. If used daily (and correctly) it can helpĀ you be extremely successful! One of the best things aboutĀ My Net Diary is that most food is already logged into the system…how simple can you get!? One last thing about how awesome this website is, it not only keeps track of your daily calories but it also keeps track of the fat, carbs and protein you consume! If you have a few minutes in your day I highly recommend checking it out!

I’m off to eat my yummy orange and watch a little bit of American Idol. Do you have an AI favorite yet?!?!




About Getting Fit n Fabulous

My name is Nikki, i'm 28 years old living in Greensboro, NC with my husband, Sam and our cat Caroline. I've started this blog to document my journey of getting fit and healthy while juggling all the ups and downs life throws my way.

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