Giving this thing called Blogging a try….


How exciting…this is my first blog post ever! I have been toying with the thought of starting a blog for some time now and last night while at dinner with my husband, Sam, I thought why the heck not! My main idea for my blog is to let the world read about my struggles with weight loss and healthy eating all while maintaining a full time career in the medical field and being a good, I mean great, wife. I love reading blogs that are written by health and fitness gruru’s but I haven’t come across one that shows a young women in her late 20’s trying to reach certain health and fitness goals. Some days are easier than others, I hit the gym after work and eat a somewhat healthy meal, but there are other days when I just want to go home after work, put on my PJ’s and eat dinner while watching The Bachelor! I hope by blogging about my journey I can do a better job at staying focused on living a healthy and fabulous life!


About Getting Fit n Fabulous

My name is Nikki, i'm 28 years old living in Greensboro, NC with my husband, Sam and our cat Caroline. I've started this blog to document my journey of getting fit and healthy while juggling all the ups and downs life throws my way.

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  1. Wonderful blog! You inherited your weight troubles from both parents – but both of them work hard to keep fit and trim. I think you are gorgeous but I sure understand the desire and need to get healthier. I look forward to watching your progress!

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